Belgi Billiard ball

In addition to a heavy-sized table and usually covered with carpet or special upholstery and canes or sticks, one of the billiard equipment that must be available is the Belgi ball. At present, to get the Belgi ball is not too already, because it is already available in various brands and offered at various prices.

Billiard, or billiards, itself is one of the sports that is included in the category of concentration sports, so it is necessary to have endurance and correct mental understanding. In addition, like other sports, billiards must also be supported by excellent physical abilities so that players are able to perform higher and more stable.




This sport is played on a table and with special aids and regulations. Consisting of several types, for example Carom, English Billiard, and Pool types, billiards can be played individually or as a team. The Carom type is played on a table that has no holes at all, while the English Billiard and Pool types are played on a table that has six holes.

There are three main equipment so you can play billiard sports. The first equipment, of course, is the table. Billiard table has a variety of sizes, which can be adjusted to the type of game and room dimensions. Billiard stands that are nine feet in size are usually reserved for professional players. Meanwhile, billiard tables in bars or lounges have an average size of seven feet.

A billiard ball is a ball that generally has a hard shape and small size used for this sport. Initially, billiard balls made of wood, which was then made with clay, which remained in use until the twentieth century. Billiard ball itself comes in a variety of brands. One brand that is quite well known and widely traded on the market is Belgian Aramith Balls. This ball is divided into several variants, namely Aramith Tournament, Aramith Pro TV Cup, Aramith Pro, and Aramith Premier. The cheapest model is Aramith Premier which has a color that is not too shiny and the texture of the figures are less thick.

The prices of Belgian billiard balls vary, depending on the brand. In the market, a set of medium sized Belgian billiard balls, for example, is offered with prices starting at Rp2 million, a price that is quite expensive for a ball. But this ball is not an arbitrary ball, so the price is quite expensive.
But for billiard lovers, the price is not too expensive, it is different for those who do not like the type of expensive sports.